Linear Progressions

Found objects and mixed media; 2012

Rudimentary functions are built into each of the works in attempts at repurposing these objects detritus with invented utilities. Decorative objects take on structural roles and building materials are unnecessarily ornamented. The objects detritus are retrofitted into larger compositions that call to mind a Do-It-Yourself culture. Within the purview of modularity and efficiency, traditional craft techniques and complex joinery is employed to juxtapose the cheap and efficient materials.

 9_Detritus_In_Situ  Linear Progression of Siding, Joist, Spindles, and Cutting Board
 Linear_Fork  Linear Progression of Fork, Amazon Box, and Cigar Case on top of Conglomerate Pedestal
 full_front Linear Progression of Chest, Wall Shelf, Shoe Organizer, Broiler Pan and Napkin Rings
 wall_sliver_2_layers  As We Continue to Move Forward